ZKP Group is an information technology product manufacturing and is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and sale of fiber optic communication products. We have a strong focus on research and development which is integral to the ZKP Group's business model, and our innovate products are are widely used in the aviation, aerospace, communications, transportation, electronics, health care and education industries.


The Group employs nearly one thousand people in production, research and development teams. The innovative ZKP Group products have received significant customer recognition, resulting in growing profitability.


Our research and development team keep us at the forefront of the industry, allow us to surpass the expectations of our clients. Our extensive certifications include ISO9001 (quality control), ISO14001 (environment systems), RoHS compliance, three international industry standards certifications and national information industry accreditation. The rapid development and professional reputation of ZKP Group Limited garnered the attention of Chinese Social and Economic Research Center. We have established ourselves as a cutting-edge innovator with nearly 20 national patents.


Our excellent service is recognized across China. Our innovation and flexibility allows us to tailor solutions to the diverse needs of a range of industries.

Our Vision

Our Vision

At its inception, ZKP Group Limited established a vision which guides our development as a business.


In the fibre optics industry, we seek to be leaders, not only in our unremitting efforts to advance science and technology, but also in maintaining a trusted and respected business.


All of us at ZKP Group Limited share this vision, and our relentless efforts to uphold it denote us as a hard-working company committed to excellence. Our present success is owed to the vigorous efforts of our research and development teams, and all our motivated staff. We have also benefited from reflection and learning, which help us to develop with clear goals in mind.


Our development strategy and clear business direction are supported by an excellent management team, putting us on a path of steady sustainable development. ZKP Group Limited is a workplace in which all employees are encouraged to develop their talents and realize their goals; at the same time, our spirit of innovation plays an exemplary role in promoting domestic production of electronics and information technology, contributing to development of China's strategic emerging industries.

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